Christian Angle

Christian Angle

In the realm of real estate, Christian has become synonymous with unparalleled expertise, strategic marketing prowess, and a remarkable talent for handling even the most intricate deal intricacies.

Christian Angle emerged as a force in the South Florida real estate market nearly two decades ago, and since then, he has become synonymous with unparalleled success and unwavering dedication. With an impressive track record spanning 17 years, Christian has earned a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional results through a combination of profound real estate expertise, dynamic marketing strategies, and a remarkable knack for navigating even the most intricate negotiations.

In 2006, Christian took a bold step forward by founding Christian Angle Real Estate, a boutique-style brokerage firm located in the heart of Palm Beach. In a relatively short period, the firm has solidified its position as one of the most thriving real estate agencies on the island and across Florida. Christian’s real estate sales accomplishments are nothing short of extraordinary, exceeding half a billion dollars in the past three years alone and surpassing a billion dollars throughout his illustrious career.

What sets Christian apart is not just his impressive sales figures, but his unwavering commitment to integrity and personalized client dedication. His success is deeply rooted in his passion for delivering the highest level of service, especially in the realm of exclusive luxury residences in Palm Beach and South Florida. Christian Angle Real Estate stands proudly among the elite, securing its place as one of Palm Beach Island’s top-performing agencies.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Christian, accompanied by his wife of 14 years, Ann-Britt Angle, and their three children, resides on the island they hold dear. This power couple believes in the importance of giving back to the community, and actively participating in and supporting various charitable organizations. Christian’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the real estate market, reflecting a genuine desire to contribute positively to the community that has played a significant role in his success.


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