Iliana Abella

Iliana Abella

Renowned for her sophistication, expertise, and unwavering ethical standards, Iliana Abella stands at the helm as the Chair of South Florida's premier residential realtor organization, the Master Brokers Forum. Since 2005, she has been an integral part of the prestigious group's Board of Directors, guiding its vision and initiatives with unparalleled dedication and insight.

With over three decades of dedicated expertise, Iliana Abella has carved a remarkable path in the realm of luxury residential real estate across Greater Miami. As a co-owner of a distinguished private brokerage firm, she has orchestrated numerous triumphs, marked by prestigious collaborations on iconic projects and esteemed clientele including professional athletes, diplomats, and international figures.

Exhibiting a blend of sophistication, depth of knowledge, and unwavering ethics, Iliana’s reputation precedes her, evident in her esteemed role as Treasurer within the esteemed Master Brokers Forum. Her exceptional contributions led to her nomination to the Board of Directors in 2005, a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Driven by a passion for delivering personalized, top-tier service, Iliana finds immense gratification in fostering enduring client relationships, reflected in a rich history of repeat and referral business. She envisions real estate as an ever-evolving landscape, leveraging technology and innovative communication strategies to enhance client experiences in collaboration with forward-thinking firms.

For Iliana, the thrill of facilitating mutually beneficial transactions between buyers and sellers is rivaled only by the daily excitement of connecting with diverse individuals on captivating deals. Embracing the cosmopolitan essence of South Florida, she thrives in its vibrant environment, considering herself privileged to indulge in work she genuinely adores.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Iliana finds solace and joy in pursuits like boating, fishing, and skiing, enriching her life with moments of relaxation and adventure amidst her relentless dedication to client success.


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