Grant Cardone Makes a Comeback in Reality Television with New Self-Produced Show “The Real Estate King

Grant Cardone, the titan of multifamily real estate and the driving force behind the 10X brand, is embarking on a thrilling new venture to bolster his empire: a captivating reality television series titled “Real Estate King.” This high-stakes show, produced by Cardone’s own 10X Studios, promises to take viewers on a whirlwind journey as Cardone himself steps into the role of judge, evaluating the aspirations and ambitions of first-time commercial real estate investors.

As the mastermind behind Aventura-based Cardone Capital, with an impressive $4 billion in multifamily assets under his belt, Cardone is no stranger to the world of real estate. With properties like the illustrious 10X Riverwalk and the prestigious 10X Miami River, Cardone has carved out a reputation for himself as a visionary in the industry. Through his unique approach of crowdfunding syndication, he has democratized real estate investment, opening doors for aspiring investors nationwide.

With a colossal social media following of nearly 8.3 million devotees across various platforms, Cardone is a modern-day influencer, wielding his online presence to amplify his message and expand his empire. Now, with “Real Estate King,” he’s taking his larger-than-life persona to the small screen, offering viewers an inside look at his discerning eye for real estate potential.

Set to premiere on FYI, a cable channel owned by A&E Networks, the show will traverse 10 major U.S. cities, from the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the vibrant energy of Miami. In each locale, Cardone will meet with eager real estate entrepreneurs, eager to pitch their projects and win his investment. From multifamily complexes to industrial conversions, no venture is too audacious for Cardone’s consideration.

This isn’t Cardone’s first brush with Hollywood; he previously captivated audiences in Discovery’s “Undercover Billionaire.” However, “Real Estate King” promises to elevate his star power to new heights as he navigates the competitive landscape of commercial real estate with his trademark gusto and determination.

Yet, even as Cardone embraces the glitz and glamour of television stardom, he remains unyielding in his commitment to his craft. In the face of public scrutiny and legal battles, such as his recent feud with former T-Mobile CEO John Legere, Cardone remains steadfast, undeterred by obstacles as he continues to build his empire, one investment at a time. With “Real Estate King,” he invites viewers to join him on this thrilling journey, where every deal is an opportunity, and success knows no bounds.

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